Xbox boss Phil Spencer “had a blast” playing Mario Wonder at Nintendo Live 2023

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was granted the privilege of attending the Nintendo Live 2023 event over the weekend, where he took the opportunity to peruse the selection of video games on offer. Spencer expressed his enjoyment of playing Super Mario Wonder cooperatively on the show floor, stating that he “had a blast,” and extended his gratitude to the staff at Nintendo of America for allowing all attendees to partake in the experience.


It is widely known that Phil Spencer is an enthusiastic gamer who enjoys playing across various platforms, and he has consistently expressed his admiration for Nintendo games. Super Mario Wonder is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch on Friday, the 20th of October.

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[…] insightful interviews have been conducted with the director of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Shiro Mouri, and its producer, Takashi Tezuka. Notably, the esteemed Shigeru Miyamoto assumed a […]

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