Charles Martinet doesn’t know what being a Mario Ambassador means

Newly appointed Mario Ambassador Charles Martinet is remains unclear what his role will encompass and his responsibilities.

In the previous month, Nintendo made an announcement regarding the departure of Martinet, the exuberant voice of Mario, from his role as the English voice actor for Nintendo’s most recognizable mascot. This decision comes after a tenure of nearly three decades in the position.

Instead, it has been announced that Martinet will assume the position of a Mario Ambassador for the company. Nintendo has stated that this new role will entail the actor’s continued travels around the world, sharing the delight of Mario and engaging with all of you. However, the company has not provided any detailed information regarding the job’s specific responsibilities.

“I’m not retired as it were, I don’t know how – but I’m an ambassador and as we step forward into the future I will learn – we’ll all learn what exactly that is,” Martinet said with good humor.

“But in the meantime… I’m always an ambassador of Nintendo and Mario and all of these events because I just cherish every moment of it, and I hope your love of the games continues and grows the way mine does, so thank you so much.”

Martinet stopped further questions regarding his new role Mario Ambassador stating he really doesn’t know “anything about it”.


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