FaeFarm is out now on Nintendo Switch

FaeFarm the fantasy farming sim focused on building out your homestead is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Discover a world of wonder and adventure in Fae Farm!
Escape to the enchanted world of Azoria and create your own cozy homestead in Fae Farm. As you nurture and grow your homestead, you’ll meet charming characters, foster deep relationships, and find ways to infuse magic into everything you do.You can explore the mysteries of the island on your own or with up to three other players in local* or online** play. Host your friends and family or visit their homestead as you progress together, master different crafts, and discover so much more!

Build your dream homestead

  • Cultivate the land and build a home of your own. With magic on your side, your homestead will flourish!
  • Create a cozy home
  • Customize your character
  • Learn crafts
  • Care for cuddly creatures

Explore new realms

  • Create your own journey through a mythical land. Let enchanting characters tell you their secrets and guide you through the realms of Azoria.
  • Complete epic quests
  • Discover mythical beings
  • Restore peace
  • Harness powerful spells

Grow lasting bonds

  • Lean on an elaborate cast of neighbors in times of need as you become a true citizen of Azoria (they might even fall in love with you, too!).
  • Learn from the locals
  • Find your in-game soulmate
  • Meet colorful characters
  • Bring friends from home*

This is only the beginning of your adventure in Azoria! Between Dec. 2023 and June 2024, owners of the game will be able to enjoy two additional waves of free content. That means even more places to discover, more characters to befriend (or romance), more creatures, more stories, and … well, more!

So, what do you say—are you ready to begin your adventure? Your magical home awaits


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