Sonic Frontiers getting free Monster Hunter DLC shortly after launch

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account revealed that the DLC would be coming to the game on November 14 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST (1am GMT on November 15), and would be free to download.

This was accompanied by another tweet on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, giving more information on the nature of the DLC.

It read: “Following launch on November 8, download the free Collaboration Pack on November 14 to get some stylish in-game Monster Hunter equipment and play a fun mini-game.”

The Japanese Sonic account then posted its own tweet, showing some screenshots of the DLC in use and giving even further details.

“Introducing the contents of the collaboration DLC,” it said. “Rathalos Equipment (Hunter/Airou) that Sonic can wear will be available. In addition, you will be able to play the ‘grilled meat’ mini-game in the game.”

The crossover appears to be returning a favour from last year, which saw free Sonic DLC added to Monster Hunter Rise.

The free update, which launched on November 26, 2021, featured two new Special Event quests, which could earn players new Sonic unlockables.

These included Sonic themed clothing for the main Hunter character, as well as a Tails outfit for the player’s Palamute.

It also included a Sonic costume for the player’s Palico, which lets them perform Sonic’s spin attack.


An interview VGC in June, Sonic Team studio head Takashi Iizuka stated:

“We really feel confident in the playtest results that we’re getting,” he said. “A lot of people are saying they had a lot of fun, they really enjoyed the game.“So we realise a lot of people are watching the videos online and making assumptions, but we do feel confident based on the playtest results from the target demographic that are coming in and playing the game start to finish, they really like the game and we’re confident that we’re making a game that will be satisfying.”


Sonic Frontiers is released on November 8, 2022 on Xbox Series X/SXbox OnePS5PS4Switch and PC.

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