Platinum Games On Building Stronger Ties with Nintendo “we’re very glad to have (Yamane former Nintendo Boss) him on board”

The good folks at VGC recently spoke with the leadership development team at Platinum Games about the better things to come with Nintendo after hiring one of the Plumber’s House bosses.

We recently posted gameplay of their recently released port by Virtuos Games: NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition on the Nintendo Switch  .

PlatinumGames president and CEO, Atsushi Inaba, said seems to be suggesting at a relationship that could potentially lead to either a full or partial ownership by the Plumber House. The tone fo Inaba-san’s remarks is an interesting shift from that of a few years ago when it was PlatinumGames’ wish to become a fully independent publisher. With this recent interaction that plan may abandoned in the future.

You already have a strong history of partnering with Nintendo. Could Yamane’s appointment bring that relationship even closer?
Inaba: Well obviously, Yamane didn’t leave Nintendo on bad terms at all and this partnership that we have with Nintendo is very important to us right now and will be moving forward. I think with Yamane-san joining us here, PlatinumGames can definitely build an even stronger relationship with Nintendo moving forward. That can only be a positive thing for PlatinumGames. So yeah, we’re very glad to have him on board.

PlatinumGames while a media darling is many respects has found its games don’t always land with title like Transformers:Devastation and more recently Babylon’s Fall which has retired its service. With the hiring of Yamane back in July of this year it was celebrated as a rebirth with the company even tweeting “PlatinumGames Reborn.”

Bayonetta 3 launches on Nintendo Switch on 28th October.


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