Nintendo Promotes Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at Its Tokyo Live Nintendo

At the company’s Nintendo Live 2022 event in Tokyo, a promotional statue of Link from the Breath of the Wild sequel is currently being exhibited, for visitors to take photos with.

The statue features Link with his arm outstretched, mutated into a monstrous green form. This is likely a core mechanic of the new Zelda, which was recently confirmed for a May 2023 release following years of production delays.

As seen in gameplay footage shown in 2021, Tears of the Kingdom clearly sees Link wielding new powers.

These abilities appear to be described in more detail in patents filed by Nintendo, and some are focused on verticality, including the ability to pass upwards through solid objects and to change positions while free-falling.

Nintendo Live is a physical event taking place in Tokyo on September 8-9, but some of the show will be broadcast on YouTube.

Specifically, two concerts based on Animal Crossing and Splatoon will be streamed for viewers to watch worldwide.

According to Nintendo, the stream will begin at 5am ET / 10am BST on Sunday, September 9.

The first concert will be the DJ KK Paradise Mix, based on music from Animal Crossing and its music-loving dog KK Slider. This will then be followed by a Splatoon 3 concert, based on the music of the in-game band Deep Cut.

This weekend marks the first time the Nintendo Live event has taken place in Japan since 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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