F-Zero producer talks about the possibility of new title

During a recent interview with VGC, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the esteemed producer of F-Zero GX, conveyed his receptiveness to the prospect of resuming work on the cherished Nintendo franchise. The discourse centered on his involvement with the GameCube classic, which recently commemorated its 20th anniversary. Nagoshi reminisced about his pleasant recollections of contributing to the game and expressed his willingness to contemplate another undertaking within the F-Zero realm. He articulated, “This is a very nostalgic game title for me, and that was when I learned how to create a high-quality game to satisfy a fanbase. I learned a lot, and if there was a chance, I wouldn’t mind working on it again.”

When questioned regarding the potential impact of his current position as the founder of his own studio on the possibility of collaborating with Nintendo on a new F-Zero installment, Nagoshi amusingly deferred to Nintendo, underscoring that the ultimate decision rests with them. The ardent anticipation of fans for a new F-Zero game has persisted since the release of the last entry, F-Zero Climax for the Game Boy Advance, 19 years ago. Notably, in 2021, Takaya Imamura, a seasoned Nintendo veteran responsible for the design of characters and vehicles in the F-Zero series, expressed his conviction that the series is not defunct but rather challenging to revive.

During a prior interview with VGC earlier this year, Imamura, who departed from Nintendo in 2021, proposed that Nintendo contemplate the possibility of outsourcing the development of a new F-Zero title to a third-party developer. He emphasized the triumph of Donkey Kong Country, which was created by Rare and distributed by Nintendo, as evidence of the potential of such partnerships.


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