Game Boy Advance Style Metroidvania – Goodboy Galaxy – Is Delayed Until 2023

The Goodboy Galaxy team has announced their upcoming GBA and Switch title Goodboy Galaxy has been delayed to March 2023  to further improve the game.

This comes from their Kickstarter, where creator Rik Nicol had this say to all who are looking forward to the game:

We’ve recently had a look at our roadmap and made some adjustments – we’re currently expecting to be doing QA in February next year – expecting to have a release candidate ready in March. Unfortunately this means we have to push the GBA release a little bit later than we initially hoped. I know it can be disappointing, but we really want to make the game match up to our vision rather than cut content and rush things out.One tough part about making a GBA game, is we can’t really fix, update or add things once the cartridges are produced, so I hope you’ll agree with this move. The Switch/Steam version of course can be updated, so we may possibly add (eg.) the co-op missions shortly after release to avoid adding much delay on the port, but we’ll keep you up to date as things go (edit: Will avoid doing this for the Switch version so the physical cartridge has all content)!

The Goodboy Galaxy team included in their announcement that they ware planning to implement rumble functionality for game if you choose to play via the Game Boy Player for GameCube. This would mean they would be only the seventh GBA game to use this feature, including Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire.

Check out the cute game trailer below:

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