Nintendo achieves 98.8% retention rate for new employees

Nintendo appears to be achieving a feat that the majority of Japanese companies would ardently aspire to. The Kyoto-based company has recently reported an impressive employee retention rate of 98.8% for their new hires. This figure is particularly noteworthy given that the average employee retention rate for new employees in Japan is approximately 70%. It is evident that working for Nintendo, the largest console manufacturer in Japan, offers numerous benefits. The Nintendo Switch family of systems, which dominates the Famitsu hardware sales charts published weekly on Thursdays, is a prime example of the company’s success.

“In recent years, the ’employee retention rate’ has been increasingly used as an indicator of a company’s attractiveness. The ‘Youth Employment Sheet,’ which is required to be disclosed when recruiting new graduates, also asks for the number of recruits and leavers in the last three years, and the ‘third-year retention rate’ derived from this data has become an important indicator for both job-seeking students and those seeking a new job. In this context, the fact that the retention rate of new employees at Nintendo, Japan’s world-class video game manufacturer and one of the most popular companies for employment, has reached almost 100%, has become a hot topic on social networking sites.”

“I think Nintendo’s 98.8% is an astounding figure. Large companies tend to have high retention rates because they often pay high salaries and offer good benefits packages. Nintendo is one of the most popular companies in Japan and has a very limited number of openings, so there may be no reason for employees to quit once they have passed the hurdles and joined the company,” said Okamoto.
The average annual salary at Nintendo was 9.88 million yen last year. If they are treated well, it is no wonder that the retention rate is so high.”“However, there are companies in the video game industry with higher average annual salaries than Nintendo. Square Enix is in the 14 million yen range, Bandai Namco Holdings is in the 11 million yen range, and if you include foreign companies, there are many companies that treat their employees well. However, in terms of newcomer retention rates, it seems that no other company in the same industry has as high a figure as Nintendo.”Mr. Keiki Okamoto, Representative Director of UZUZ Corporation, which provides employment support for young people in their 20s

“There is also the fact that Nintendo offers a good benefits package. The company has a high rate of paid vacation time, and is generous with childcare. We have a system where employees are given their own points, which they can use for games, books, travel, etc. We also have a deep understanding of diversity. We also have a deep understanding of diversity, and have introduced a partnership system for employees with same-sex partners that treats them the same as an actual marriage, and other advanced and practical measures.”

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