WarFrame Prime Resurgence Has Returned

Its time to enhance your arsenal with all that the Orokin technology can give you! Tenno can earn the old fashion way by playing, or take a well-deserved shortcut through instant access

Get Prime Warframes, Weapons and Gear which are the most top-shelf you can get in Warframe and the pinnacle of Orokin technology. The Prime Vanguard symbolizes heroism and are made up of the Primes, golden paragons capable of incredible feats.

See below about the Prime Warframes have to offer:

Prime Resurgence has returned, Tenno! Add new Prime Warframes, Weapons, Accessories and more to your Arsenal with the new and improved program. Earn or instantly unlock new Prime Warframes, Weapons and more every month in the improved Prime Resurgence program. Starting today, you can upgrade your Arsenal with Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime as well as their signature Prime Weapons and Accessories!

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